Any motorhome mechanics out there?? SOLVED (Norman)

It was the wire that carries power to the spark plugs, or to the distributor box; it was burned up at the connector. Not completely split in two but obviously split enough to shut the whole thing down. So, presumably over the past week it's been on it's way out, until it finally went toπŸ’©. Obviously unless a person has eyes and Hands on it, it would be impossible to know that tuat was even a possibility. Which is why we're all the more grateful that people chimed in, bc how the heck can you diagnose a motor without seeing it. But yeah, that's why we had intermittent functioning this past week, and why it ran fine once we got it started. It had nothing to do with the whole running out of gas situation I described; that was sheer coincidence. So haha, I tricked y'all!πŸ₯΄ Thank you for your help! We were about to lose everything and that's not a fun time.

I just wanted to share the outcome and the solution since people took time to help us with this dilemma. Also, maybe somewhere down the line it may help someone else, save someone else from the trouble bc their mechanic helped a stranger and has encountered this issue before. Ya know, that sort of thing. Without this whole process, we'd have been towed at 1pm today. Infact, we woke up to the manager of Crest telling us that at 1pm they were having us towed. (Even though we were in the farthest back of the secondary lot, the farthest away from the store we could get, and farther than where anyone would choose to park. But, I digress. I'm a little bitter about that)

Anyways, thank you everyone for your help. Hopefully I won't ever have to make another post like this. I have a sneaking suspicion that This won't be the last time. Until next time.

Y'all stay blessed


Hey there, so I'm hoping someone out there can help... My partner is troubleshooting our motorhome which is currently dead, but he needs help. He's in over his head and under pressure. I'm hoping someone who might have some ideas, suggestions or can point him in the right direction.

[[Sorry in advance for the long post.]]

We're dead in a business parking lot and likely will be towed in 24 hours if he can't get it up and running. So if you know anything about engines, motorhomes or have any wisdom to share, please send it our way. We need it.

The engine is a 1997 Ford F53 V8 460

This is the run down,

Last week we ran out of gas. Well, we actually made it to the gas station just in time but we were darn near out of gas. We put 10 in the gas tank and pulled off. As we were leaving the parking lot, it died. We tried to start but it wouldn't start; it wouldn't turn over. We put $20 more in gas in it, and with the help of an auxiliary starter it started just fine. It also drove fine, no issues...

Fast forward 24 hours and we find ourselves on a slight incline, and once again it dies. We put more gas in it (because it was a bit low but not critically low) and it starts, but the idle is rough, and it had to be manhandled down the street as it was trying to die the whole time. We put 70 dollars in gas at this point, but it still idled really rough. We were thinking now that it had plenty of gas, it would be fine. It wasn't. It idled low and puttered and it clearly was trying to die. But after a few trips around the homeland parking lot it stabilized and drove much better. We drove it about 10 minutes and were parked for a few hours.

This start required a jump box as well, but it did start with relative ease. It's also worth noting that it drove with no issues whatsoever. Our next destination was about 10 minutes away, and we parked it for 10 minutes or so, just long enough to run to the grocery store. When we came back out of the store to leave, it tried to start once on the first try, but ultimately puttered out and died. This was the last time it tried to turn over. That was 48 hours ago. Every attempt to start it since has been unsuccessful, even with a jump box and full batteries. She cranks and cranks but absolutely will not turn over.

So, she has a half a tank of gas in it now and the batteries have been fully charged (although they are likely near dead now due to so many failed attempts to start it).

As I said, my partner is A capable and brilliant HVAC who can fix anything, in fact he's kept this pile of garbage running for a long time, but he's in over his head and needs help from someone who knows more about this than he does. He's currently working on cleaning the spark plugs.

So yeah, that's the situation if you have any ideas or suggestions please send them our way. Feel free to text, call or email. We'd be so grateful!

THanks for your time!

(Oh, and this isn't our recreational vehicle. We live in this motorhome full-time. We also don't have the option to take it to a shop or hire a mechanic because we don't have the money)

plus, we couldn't bear the thought of missing out on all this fun.πŸ˜‰

Thanks again.

show contact info -Jace

Update: thank you Tom and everyone who is trying to help us figure this out. The ideas and suggestions have been so helpful, and I have no doubt that we'll (by we I mean y'all )figure out what's going on and fix it. Hopefully before the manager of Crest decides to tow us.

Here's an update, Isaac and our dear friend tom changed the fuel filter.
Lines were checked, fuel pump appears to be working. Nothing changed. Still cranks and cranks, won't turn over.

Oh, and probably worth mentioning there's no check engine light.

Thanks again everybody. We
Appreciate y'all more than you kno1

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