You people drive like you were never taught properly.

Part of the problem with driving these days is sharing the road with so many people who are simply poor drivers. I think to myself, who taught these people how to drive? The answer is, nobody. It's sad, but one can get a driver's license without learning how to operate a vehicle in traffic. It's a 'learn as you go' system, and so many people aren't capable of that kind of high cognitive achievement. I'll help by pointing out some things you folks do wrong.

Brake lights cause chain reactions. If you pace properly you use brakes less. When you're going forward and hitting your brakes over and over, the brake lights are causing everyone behind you to be on high alert. Learn to pace with traffic and hit brakes less.

At intersections, while waiting, scoot up. Other people need a chance to proceed onward and you have a two car gap in front of you. So if the left turn light is green and I want to get in that lane you need to scoot up. I know, you say, "Another car could hit me from behind and knock me into another car"...That's never happened to you and you've never seen it happen so forget that logic and scoot up.

If a car wants to pull out of a lot and I'm behind you at an intersection, when you let them in front of you, you also let them in front of everyone behind you. If the light is red, fine, leave an opening. If the light is green it's time to go. Do not let someone out. Don't let them cut in front of you. Don't wait, and don't make me wait. Do not let them do anything, just go. I repeat, when the light turns green you must proceed forward. That is not the time to wave another driver to get a space in front of you. There are people behind you that deserve to get through that intersection. Light turns green, you go!

Right turn on red is allowed. If you must be in right lane, be aware that someone behind you may desire the chance to turn right. If you are going straight, you shouldn't be clogging the right lane. But since you are, scoot up. Vear inside and scoot up a bit so the driver behind you can get a chance to turn.

Always when turning you should signal first before braking. If you are going to turn either left or right. It should be, first blinker, then blinker, another blinker then brakes. If your brake lights are activated I have to assume there is something impeding your flow. Is there a wreck? A pedestrian on the street? Is it an emergency stop? No. You just want to turn so you're on the damned brakes for 8 seconds before you give a turn signal. You are a nuisance to those behind you.
The inside lane is for faster traffic. If you are slower type traffic, take your left hand, pull up on the signal stick, check that the lane to your right is unoccupied, and get in that lane. In that lane, and out of my way.

Learn these tips and you'll be less of an idiot than most of the other drivers on the road today.

There are so many ignorant drivers clogging the streets,and if you don't learn these things, you dont be long on the road.
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